Dr. Stammen has been working with adolescents since her days in graduate school and received specialized training with this population in outpatient and school settings. Dr. Stammen currently provides psychotherapy services to adolescents for a variety of problems. Some of these include depression, anxiety, stress, anger management, abuse, trauma recovery, eating disorders, LGBTQ issues, self harm, bullying issues, ADHD, low self-esteem, phobias, grief, poor decision-making skills, and family problems.

Today's adolescents are confronted with mass quantities of information through technological advances. Cell phones, social networking, text messaging, and internet surfing are a dominant force in many teens' lives. With this new technology has come new problems as well. Some warning signs of a serious problem include extreme weight gain or loss, sleep problems, rapid and drastic changes in personality, sudden changes in friends, skipping school continually, falling grades, talk or even joking about suicide, symptoms of substance abuse, run-ins with the law, or any other inappropriate behavior that lasts for more than six weeks.

Dr. Stammen draws upon various intervention strategies and will customize your teenager's therapy by utilizing the treatment approach that has been most helpful to resolve their specific issue. Some of the interventions or therapies that she typically utilizes include behavioral therapy (identifying and changing unwanted behaviors), cognitive therapy (identifying how you think and challenging and changing negative thoughts that can influence your feelings), interpersonal therapy (increasing your communication skills to improve your relationships), and solution focused therapy (learning new ways to deal with your problems that will produce better outcomes in the future).

Psychotherapy involves an initial information gathering session to discuss your adolescent's problems, determine a diagnosis, and set goals. Testing may be a part of this assessment. As therapy progresses, your teen's progress and goals will be reviewed. Dr. Stammen's goal is to establish a therapeutic working relationship with your teen in a safe environment where he or she can achieve the change needed to empower his or her life. Most of her referrals come from medical professionals in the area or previous clients.

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